Saturday, March 22, 2014

Benign Neglect

I have much better luck with my outdoor plants than anything inside. And propagation? Let me count the ways I've killed seedlings! But our Hort Committee had a great idea; the whole committee would plant seeds from the 2013 Shirley Meniece Conference seed share exchange. They required different preparation, some harder than others, but we were doing this as a TEAM. And, they also had Hyacinth Beans for everyone (so Jack and the Beanstalk!).
  We had a choice of various seeds from the Shirley Meniece conference and I picked some Baptisia Wild Blue Indigo. These seeds needed to be scarified (handy emery board) and soaked overnight. So, I scarified them, and put them in a bag so I could bring them home and soak them.  I planted my remaining seeds (found out I planted too deep before), and misted the top of the soil. Properly tagged with name and planting date, I packed them in the large zip lock bag with plastic straw supports to tent the bag.
I put the seeds on top of my ovens, which is the warmest spot in my kitchen, and gets indirect light. I've killed many a seedling from too strong sun.
My Daughter calls! She has a few free days! Would I like to come visit? You bet! She lives where there is no snow and it's warm!
Off I go, leaving my plants to fend for themselves.
When I return, my plastic bags are mini rain forests. The Hyacinth Bean has a long, pale stem with a leaf straining towards the light source in the next room. Obviously, not enough sun. And, I had no fluorescent light. Hort chair to the rescue. She loans me a light.

The Baptisia seeds are still in the plastic bag - haven't been soaked overnight. BUT, I had planted some seeds that didn't need overnight soaking and they had some hairy growth. But what were they? Instead of writing the name with the sharpie the Hort committee had supplied, I had written it in ball point pen. And, when a tag written in pen is left in a rain forest, it looks like this:

I was able to make out Shirley Poppy.

Next on the agenda is to put the plants under the light, and into a pan for bottom watering.
They're on the way to the garage, so it's a good spot for a daily check.
 I'll soak the Baptisa seeds and plant them. Perhaps, with no trips in the next few weeks, I'll remember to check them. Wish me luck!

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  1. And just WHO IS our forgetful gardener?
    Those of us with Shirley Poppies have seen some withering and some sad looking plants....but mine are looking up again after two waterings and 12-14 hours of flourescent light....