Monday, March 24, 2014

Blondie's second journal entry

.  There's least with the Hyacinth Bean!

After three weeks, the Hyacinth Bean is going CRAZY!!  
Last night I had to add my standup needlepoint lamp to take care of its 27" height!  I've been bottom watering every several days, it's still in it's original pot. 

April 1, 2014

It's time to transplant my Hyacinth Bean into a 4"pot!!  It is searching for a place to "vine"...even going into my cabinet! 
I bought a 4" pot, 3-36" bamboo stakes, and a 6" square pot.  After wiring the top of the bamboo, which made the tee-pee, I placed the bottom three steaks in the square 6" pot.  I think they'd be more stable, lodged against the corners.  I did use tape to secure them.
After filling the new pot, and moistening the soil-less mix, I carefully dug the Hyacinth Bean out of it's old home--wow, lots of roots!!  I held it by the leaves, removed most of the dirt from the roots, then placed in a hole I had dug into the new pot.  After covering the roots, I put it in the square pot, lifting the 37" vine, and carefully "vine-ed" it around the tee-pee.
I moved it to the only sunny place in my house...the master bath-tub (which I never use anyway).
I hope it likes its new home...
April 7, 2014
After almost a week, the Hyacinth Bean seems to be adjusting well to it's new home.  There is no heat lamp, and not always a lot of sun, but it just keeps plugging away!  I continue to bottom water when it's dry to the touch or the bottom leaves start to wilt.
Hyacinth Bean's new "home"

See the new vine growing off to the right?

Shirley Poppys have thinned out but a couple of strong ones are growing!!


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