Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Getting Organized

Our January Horticulture Committee meeting featured member, Sara Hoblitzell presenting information about the Shirley Meniece Workshop she attended in October.  The focus of her presentation was the annual “Seed Share” program.    

After some discussion regarding our committee’s plans for the remainder of the year, we decided to do a “seed-to-seed” project. The goal of this project is to learn the basics of plant propagation, which is in keeping with our “year of education”.  

What follows is the outline of our project:
1.   Members will select a several seeds, from the list Sara provided. They will research the plant and prepare a brief summary on each plant. This will include: stratify, scarify/growing conditions, type of plant, etc.)

2.  In March, the committee will plant seeds, take them home to grow.

3.  In April or May, the seedlings will be ready to be re-potted.

4.  In June, the committee will bring all their beautiful, lush plants to our annual picnic for display or to share.

5.  During the summer and fall, the committee will distribute instructions on seed collections from these plants: how to recognize when ready, how to collect, and how to save them.

6.  In the fall, the seeds collected will be sent back to the Shirley Meniece Workshop with our delegates.

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  1. Hi Blondie Sprout! Great entry to the blog and a great workshop today. Lots of fun by all who attended.