Friday, March 28, 2014

Stubby the Challenged Hyacinth Bean

March 27, 2014
The Hort committee gathered for a repotting session and tutorial on blogging this afternoon.
My Hyacinth Bean, the only surviving seedling, met with a tragic early morning accident involving He Who Makes Coffee in our house and the coffee pot, resulting in an amputation of several inches, including the only leaf. I brought my stub to the meeting to see if I should even try to persevere, or pitch it and concentrate on my newly planted Baptisia.
Hort Guru Carter Giltinan kindly told me yes, there was hope, stick the Hyacinth Bean under the grow light and turn, turn, turn.
MAM Sprout suggested I look up additional information on propagating Baptisia as mine showed no growth. She explained it may be as simple as having a longer gestational period. Reading the Clemson University Extension website, I found out in addition to scarifying and soaking the seeds over night, they recommend stratification for older seeds. And bottom heat. OK, too late for the stratification, but bottom heat I can do. I also overheard the suggestion to place the pots on a layer of newspaper to wick away moisture after bottom watering. Mine are looking a little soggy so I'll do that.
                                     An entire section of the newspaper is wet! Soggy! Yikes!
 Baptisia have a two to four week gestation period, so I'll keep you posted.
The variety and success of the Committee is amazing! Several repotted their Hyacinth Beans; they were so long and flush they had tangled together like a loose  spool of thread.
 Blondie Sprout was packing up, and picked up my Hyacinth Bean. "Why don't I take your seedling home for a visit? (AKA intensive care!) I must have a good place for my seedlings." - her Hyacinth Bean is over two feet long.
 So, off Stubby the Hyacinth Bean goes. I'll keep the heat on my Baptisia, moist but not drowning,
remember to turn grow lights off for eight hours a day and be patient. Two weeks will fly by!

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  1. I have had great fun reading the Sprouts blog..... The concept is one that could be replicated by other clubs and we can already see how much fun they can be......
    By the way I have one of those Coffee Makers! Mine has blue eyes and a fairly steady hand! Kathie VanDevere, Akron GC