Monday, March 31, 2014

Tee sprout scorecard!

did not make it! NICOTIANA ALATA/ Flowering Tobacco
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3/31/14 something is happening
I came to this party late and did not plant my seeds until March 21 and 10 days later I am seeing something emerge.  My little green sprouts are too small to measure but they are the beginning of good things.  My instructions were 'seed not covered and constant 70 degrees'.   A table in the sun on a blanket of tea towels was the best I could do here.  The real test will be how they survive the next 10 days that I am gone (teeing it up in Pinehurst!!) and Drew is their caregiver.  Hopefully he will be the attentive and not forgotten gardener!


  1. Great post Tee Sprout! For being late to tee off you've played your normal round of hole in ones! So glad you are in!

  2. Thanks for posting, and glad yours are "teeing off". I hope Drew is a good baby-sitter!!