Wednesday, March 12, 2014

They are growing!!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ok...I am nervous!  I almost feel like a new parent who is bringing a baby home with little more than a handbook.  Can I really bottom water them, zip them back into the zip-lock and ignore for about a week? we go!!! 

I found a warm, and fairly dark place in my living room for my flat to go  (the picture makes it look bright, but I pulled the curtain for the picture's sake.)  In this flat of six, there are five Shirley Poppies and one Hyacinth Bean.  The Hyacinth Bean seed had been Scarified at the workshop using sandpaper...thank you MamSprout!!  The seeds were fairly large, and two were planted.  The Poppy seeds were tiny, so we put them on pieces of copy paper, then carefully placed several in each pot.  Once I got home, I took a casserole dish, put warm water in it (about an inch deep) and soaked the flat for 30 minutes.  Then drained it in the sink, put the flat back in the zip-lock, with the straws to keep the ceiling from falling in :), found it's home...then prayed I did it right. 

Shirley Poppies and Hyacinth Bean in Blondie's living room.
Tucked beside a heat register, armoire, and porch door giving indirect light.

Monday, March 10, 2013

Only five days after our workshop, it was Monday morning, I was hurrying out the door for my tennis lesson; then something made me turn around and check the seedlings to see if anything was happening....I wasn't expecting anything, since the books said it'd take 14-28 days for Shirley Poppy seeds to germinate, and I couldn't even remember the hyacinth bean's name, let alone it's germination time. (Did I mention I'm new to this?)  WELL....I was SHOCKED to see this tall stem growing across the ceiling of the zip-lock bag (I though it was one of my green straws!)  I took the flat into my laundry room, removed the zip-lock (didn't realize I should have just opened the bag at first to ease the plants into the cold cruel world) and put it under my grow light. 

Day 1
Under the lamp
Day 1
Under the Lamp

There they are!!!  The first day.  The Hyacinth Beans have both popped up, the tallest one is about 4" tall, the second one is shorter and covered with dirt.  The Poppies are about a 1/2", and there's a lot of them!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Day Two of the newly uncovered seedlings!  I lightly misted and then tried to get the dirt off the short bean.  That was not successful!!  I accidently broke it off :(   I need to learn not to mess too much, or groom them at this tender stage. The remaining bean has grown 2" in one day...check out the leaf too!!

Day 2
Wednesday, March 11, 2014
Since the hyacinth bean continues to grow, and it's only been 2 days out of the zip-lock, I'm wondering if it's time to, I call MamSprout for expert advice!  It is best to keep these young seedlings in their "homes" while the roots are so fragile, and they still need to be kept warm by the light.  Because of the height difference (6" versus 1/2") I need to figure something out.  LynnSprout (who can propagate about anything!) had already figured this out.  She cut the bean pot off of the flat and elevated the shorter seedlings under the light.....PERFECT!!
Day 3
I used a "Tupperware" container to elevate the poppies
My second flat of seeds are Spider flowers.  (It is a Cleome hassleriana)  These needed to be put in the refrigerator for 5 to 7 days.  Today is day 7 (from the workshop), so in the flat they go. The soil was prepared in the flat, and kept in the ziplock. I removed the flat, put it in an inch of warm water to moisten the soil, then put several small seeds in each pot, barely covering them with the mix...then into the zip-lock they went.  I guess I'll ignore these as well as I did the first flat, and will hopefully have success again!!


Spider Flower

You can follow posts on the three individual seeds I  planted.  They will appear in separate journals on my BlondieSprout page.  We are organizing our individual pages this way....that way you can follow all our seeds, and their journey into plants.  
.  There's least with the Hyacinth Bean!

After three weeks, the Hyacinth Bean is going CRAZY!!  
Last night I had to add my standup needlepoint lamp to take care of its 27" height!  I've been bottom watering every several days, it's still in it's original pot. 

April 1, 2014

It's time to transplant my Hyacinth Bean into a 4"pot!!  It is searching for a place to "vine"...even going into my cabinet! 
I bought a 4" pot, 3-36" bamboo stakes, and a 6" square pot.  After wiring the top of the bamboo, which made the tee-pee, I placed the bottom three steaks in the square 6" pot.  I think they'd be more stable, lodged against the corners.  I did use tape to secure them.
After filling the new pot, and moistening the soil-less mix, I carefully dug the Hyacinth Bean out of it's old home--wow, lots of roots!!  I held it by the leaves, removed most of the dirt from the roots, then placed in a hole I had dug into the new pot.  After covering the roots, I put it in the square pot, lifting the 37" vine, and carefully "vine-ed" it around the tee-pee.
I moved it to the only sunny place in my house...the master bath-tub (which I never use anyway).
I hope it likes its new home...
April 7, 2014
After almost a week, the Hyacinth Bean seems to be adjusting well to it's new home.  There is no heat lamp, and not always a lot of sun, but it just keeps plugging away!  I continue to bottom water when it's dry to the touch or the bottom leaves start to wilt.
Hyacinth Bean's new "home"

See the new vine growing off to the right?

Shirley Poppys have thinned out but a couple of strong ones are growing!!

Blondie Sprout's Update #3
April 28, 2014
After returning from 10 days in Florida, I was a little concerned about the "babies"!  I had given strict instructions to my house/dog sitter.  (Fortunately she is a gardener who starts most of her plants from seed.) I was "floored" when I checked on the hyacinth had gone crazy and even had a "welcome-home" flower to give me!!  Ok...drum-roll, please....


  1. I tried to post this on my "page" but couldn't, so it appears here...for now. We are still tweaking our Sprouts Blog!

    1. This is a great post! I love the detailed photographs of the light and the placement of the seedling flats, including elevating one. Read the blog I put up yesterday from the guides about "that critical first week" for location of the plants relative to the light source. I told Blondie Sprout that I also picked Cleome - but missed the part about the stratification - so rather than put mine in the fridge now, the two of us are going to conduct a little jr. high school science experiment and I am going to see if mine do sprout and how long it takes compared to hers! Will let you know. Can't wait to hear from some of the rest of you!

  2. Terrific photos and daily progress reports by our terrific leader, Dede! Is everyone as excited as I am? I've done seed sprouting several times but never enjoyed it as much as this. Special thanks to Sara for engineering this blog, another first for Kanawah GC and for me.