Wednesday, March 5, 2014

An Adventure Starts

Welcome to Sprouts!  This is a blog about the Horticulture Committee of Kanawha Garden Club's (KGC) adventure with Seed Share.   KGC is a member club of The Garden Club of America (GCA) and is located in Charleston, WV.  This is a collective blog with all of our committee members participating as we plant, water, grow, harvest and share by returning seeds to next year's Shirley Meniece conference and also to our own club members.  We will share our successes and our failures through our journals and photographs and hope that as we learn, you learn also!

Seed Share:  Collect, Conserve & Grow!

October, 2013 - Washington, DC and the Shirley Meniece Horticulture Conference sponsored by GCA.  An incredible three day conference in the Nation's Capital held at the US Arboretum with side tours and visits to the Nation's Capital, the US Botanic Garden, Mount Vernon, Hillwood and other beautiful gardening sites in the DC area.  Most notable were the speakers, the new friendships forged and the knowledge to bring home and share with our own members.  Part of the conference was "Seed Share" - each member was to bring seeds collected from our own members' gardens.  Each carefully collected and valuable set of seeds was packaged individually in small manila envelopes with the botanical name, common name, hardiness zone, description (annual, perennial, vine, etc.) with some growing tips.  Tubs of the packets were put out one afternoon and we were free to select and bring home our seeds.  Our members who contributed seeds received first choice on the ones I brought home.  Now what???  In brief - Sow it, Grow it, Share it, Show it!  You, too, can start a seed share with your friends, your local garden clubs, your state garden clubs, within a Master Gardeners Group - the possibilities are unlimited!  Stay tuned for the next post.

The Capitol Columns at the US National Arboretum
Our Seed Share Bags full of precious cargo!


  1. Love the intro!! Thanks for tweaking!!!

  2. It's baby steps for UCSprouts. My seed flats are on top of the basement refrigerator and I have entered a calendar reminder to check the moisture in a week. My blogger name should be "UC sprouts ... if you're lucky!" Fingers crossed --

    1. Great idea...I have a basement refrigerator too, that will be a perfect place since kitchen cabinets are over my kitchen 'frig...and I'm sure you'll be lucky! We are all thinking positive, right?!?!! :)

    2. The last comment was from Blondie...guess I was signed in under WV Sprout's account.

    3. Yes - Hi UC Sprouts! Glad you are in......

  3. By George, I think I've got it :-)

  4. Way to go! I am so impressed and proud of you ladies...hope you saved some seeds to share. Can't wait to join the fun!

  5. I have one sprout this morning already, so need to get my seed log completed and ready for tracking! I have a few in the cold storage for a few weeks, but hopefully the rest of my attempts will start to come up!!

  6. A message from Barbara Tuffli with GCA Seed Share:

    You ladies are absolutely amazing! I have subscribed to your blog and your emailed posts always brighten my day. I particularly appreciate your photographs and detail which is so helpful for novice growers. You are really setting the pace for Seed Share and Propagation. Many thanks from us all! Barbara