Thursday, April 3, 2014

Our seeds are Growing!! Workshop #2

Our Horticulture Committee met Thursday, March 27th for our second workshop at WVSprouts home. 

We congregated in WV Sprout's kitchen, armed with computers, iPads and "sprouts" to enjoy an afternoon exchanging tips, tricks, and experiences.  As the afternoon progressed, I observed a bustling room of ladies who were excited, focused and enthusiastic...this project of ours is turning into a learning experience on many levels...Here are some pictures that will explain more than my words can!!

Our tutoring session on "blogging"

Forgetful Sprout's Hyacinth Bean had an accident by the coffee maker :(

Kamsprout's 4-O'Clocks and Hyacinth Beans

4 O'Clocks are Happy!!!

Does anyone know what this is?

Planning the transplant

Lots of transplanting happening here!  Hyacinth Bean and 4 O'Clocks are the first to move to "new homes"!

Building a tee-pee for the Hyacinth Bean--allowing it to "vine"

Specific plant observations:

Hyacinth Bean:  Is growing very well; ranging from 12" to 32" tall. (The shorter plants have more leaves). They are ready to transplant into 4"pots, and a tee-pee is constructed to allow this plant to "vine". (See picture above)

Poppies: The Opium Poppy appears stronger and taller than the Shirley Poppy. Both Poppy's were about 1/2" to 1" tall, and still spindly...not ready for transplanting.

4 O'Clocks: were doing great and were transplanted into 3"pots.

Tips for our new sprouts and transplants:

1. Continue to "bottom water"---drain well, then sit pots on paper-towel or newspaper to soak up excess water (for 30 minutes)

2. Begin to use a water soluble fertilizer (like Miracle Grow for indoor plants).  Mix 7 drops per quart of water in a  container; use this for bottom watering.

Note about our Blog:

We are now organizing our "pages" into separate journals, so our individual sprouts can be followed.  For example, readers can follow my hyacinth bean's journey--seed to seed--same with my Shirley poppy and spider flower, they will all have their own individual "story".

Happy growing!!




  1. Great post - cute pics and some helpful updates on plant growth and tips!

  2. Thanks Chairman Sprout! Great update.....