Thursday, May 1, 2014

Who likes Okra? We Do - Especially if it's Clemson Spinless and Deep Fried

Another seed share now up and being distributed among the committee.   Artful Sprout and Horsey Sprout took some 'Clemson Spineless' seeds brought back from Shirley Meniece to try.  They were a little more difficult.  Less germination and slow, but they are up.   I will write more about the Clemson Spineless variety soon.

9 little okra sprouts

Artful Sprout Posts:
March 22, 2014
Planted 88 seeds in 2" pots, 1/2" deep in Miracle Grow moisture control potting mix.  They were placed under grow lights approximately 8" above the soil.

April 8, 2014
3 of 46 germinated so heat was added.

April 18, 2014
6 additional have germinated.
Took the remaining seeds and soaked the seeds for 24 hours and replanted.

April 30, 2014
Took the 9 seeds that have germinated to WV Sprout to distribute. 

WV Sprout giving sprouts to Horsey Sprout and mamsprout to plant in their vegetable gardens soon.  I know mamsprout will share her fried okra recipe (that is she will invite us all to a tasting of fried okra later in the summer!) 

June 21, 2014
Mamsprout reports that her okra did not make it through the cold and rainy late May that we had here in Charleston.  We know now how to try them next year!  Wondering how Horsey Sprout is doing with hers.

August 5, 2014
belated post
I took 3 potted okra seedlings and a packet of seeds home April 30.  Put the seedlings under lights and waited for the soil to warm to plant seed. Planted seed May 8 outside in the garden, waiting till soil temp was the necessary 80 degrees (read that somewhere and even bought a soil thermometer if anyone needs to borrow one).  No germination. End of May planted okra seedlings(about 6"tall) outside in garden and replanted seeds.  3 seedling plants now @5 feet tall and still no seed germination. Not the most prolific producer but enough for one person from time to time.  Do not have mamsprouts recipe so just dribble with oil and balsamic vinegar and through on grill to roast.........yum!


  1. Loving your blog! I need to do better about growing things from seed, so am learning a lot from you gardeners! I love Clemson Spineless okra- does well here in MS. I do soak the seeds in warm water before planting and they germinate faster. I plant okra seeds directly in the ground. Our rule is to wait until Good Friday to plant. I'm a little behind and need to get my okra planted this weekend before heading off to New Orleans for annual meeting. Hope to see some of you there! I am in the Garden Club of Jackson.

    1. Cheryl - Thanks so much for your comment and great suggestion! I apologize for the delay in responding as I was away on vacation. I do hope you enjoyed the meeting and saw some of the Kanawha GC ladies there. Please keep us updated on the progress of your okra. I've passed along the comment to the ladies growing okra so we will know more about it.