Friday, May 1, 2015

The Miracle of the Hyacinth Bean

March 12, 2015
If you remember, last year I had very little success with "stubby" my hyacinth bean. He didn't make it to the transplant stage before his early demise. So, I was thrilled to have both of my milk jugs sprout - or so I thought. Jug A which I thought was an emerging sprout, either died quickly, or really was a piece of vermiculite.

March 25, 2015
My bean sprout is growing, it's a good six inches if stretched vertical. The weird thing is the first set of leaves - which have the hard black part of the seed on them - look fused together. I am not going to attempt to separate the leaves and hope this is natural, and will solve itself.

April 27, 2015
I have moved my Hyacinth Bean to the bay window where it gets morning sun. I am very pleased with its dark green color and it looks so healthy! The leaf issue resolved itself and the leaves are now separate. I also have another sprout that has appeared in my milk jug. Guess I wasn't overly optimistic about my propagation  abilities. Took the hyacinth bean to our Hort meeting for show and tell.

Next day - the second sprout grew THREE inches! I did notice the soil was pretty dry when I had it at the meeting so had given it a good drink.

Today - second sprout grew another two inches. Five inches in two days.

A successful Forgetful Sprout!


In May our pots had grown so much we knew we needed to take them to the membership now in order to get outside in their yards by our May 10 last frost date.  The original plan was to take them to the June picnic to share with the membership.  So, we packed the plants carefully into cars - the teepees were almost as tall as the ceilings in the cars.  Off to new homes.  Reports are trickling in and photos of some below.

This one at Kitty Sprouts is beautiful

WV Sprout again grew hers up the no-longer-used bball pole
And this one is amazing at Buffy's from just 2 seeds!