Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"The 10-Minute Fall Apple Centerpiece" From Southern Living Magazine

What to do on a cold (15 degrees), snowy day in WV? 

Our blog is always a little neglected this time of year as we sit inside looking at seed catalogs and dreaming of soon to come warm days.  My milkweeds are outside in their pots, snuggled under a heavy layer of mulch.  I can't wait to see who is the strongest survivor.  But another two months at least of patience is needed for that.

Meanwhile, I thought we might post about a fun project that our Hort Committee did last fall in anticipation of the holidays.  Southern Living always has great projects that require very little time and allow for a lot of individual creativity.   One of our members clipped this article and brought to our planning session and the group thought it would be great fun to tackle. 

The 10-Minute Fall Apple Centerpiece from Southern Living Magazine

Our Hort Chairman gathered a few of the supplies for us: green apples, a selection of green and green/white flowers, some greenery, pins and oasis.  (Thinking GREEN by now?) She provided us with approximate sizes for the container we were to bring and also suggested we scour our yards for additional greenery, moss, bark, seeds and other natural material. 

A gorgeous fall day dawned.  Lots of sunshine and crispness in the air.  We gathered outside feeling quite adventurous and a little giddy with the loveliness of the day.  A warm fire was burning in her outdoor fireplace and as we hugged our coffee mugs in our hands we just enjoyed getting together and sharing friendship as well.

The instructions are easy and you can watch them on the video linked above to the Southern Living site.

While the ones we made were intended for Thanksgiving and held up for quite a while, some of us used the same template and made new ones for the Christmas holiday.  Green apples are easily switched out for red ones.  Red hypericum berries are great to use and lots of fresh conifer cuttings.  Poinsettias last for a while as a cut flower and were a great addition on the sides. A little glitter was provided by small ornaments.  Endless variations here with color choices and bright holiday accessories.  And while Southern Living did it in 10 minutes, it was doable for me in 15-20.  Perfect!

Here are some photos of our fall gathering.