UC Sprout


  1. March 5, 2014 (day zero): Seed share workshop
    - Clemson spineless okra (planted in plastic six-pack and enclosed in large ziploc bag supported by green straws)
    - Wild blue indigo (planted in plastic six-pack and enclosed in large ziploc bag supported by straws)
    Placed both trays on top of the refrigerator in my basement laundry room, thinking warmth from the fridge would help, and flourescent lights in the laundry room would help once seeds had germinated.
    - Torch lily (red hot poker) - seeds chilling in damp paper towel inside plastic baggie. Chilling in the closet at my office until I can remember to bring them home.

    Day 7 - no sprouts
    Day 8 - noticed mold around some of the seeds. There were tiny droplets/mist on the inner surface of the bag, which didn't indicate too much moisture, but I opened the bag to let in a little more air.
    Day 9 - Moved the plastic trays to the kitchen counter and removed trays from bags. Watered from bottom up (set trays in a cookie sheet and put a little water in the cookie sheet).
    Day 10 - no mold visible, still no sprouts.

  2. May 12, 2014 - Lo and behold, four of my original seeds have sprouted and are about 2" tall, still in their original seed tray, thriving on the kitchen counter, watered from the bottom. Unfortunately, I removed the markers and won't be sure for awhile whether these sprouts are okra or indigo. :) In the meantime, I planted the torch lilies, and all sprouted. they are about 3" tall right now.

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  4. My torch lilies are about 5" tall and look like spindly grass. The other plants (okra, I think, based on photos posted by others, are alive but not thriving, maybe 3" tall. I have had them on the kitchen counter, where they get indirect sunlight. Just moved them outside to see if that will help.

  5. UC Sprout - that is great! You are the only one with both plants surviving
    I think. None of the other okra made it - so yes, getting outside in the heat and sun would be great as it should take off if you have a place to plant directly into the ground. And same with the torch lilies if you have a protected spot but again lots of sun. Thanks so much for updating us!

  6. My two surviving torch lilies are 3-5" tall and look sturdy. RIP, okra! Moved the plants back to the kitchen window, and am hopeful I'll have something to plant in the spring. I have to admit that a small part of me wonders if these are just blades of grass that I've been nurturing for six months!