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  1. Dear Sara
    I am trying to find your first post about Seed Share in D.C. Where did it go??? I want to feature you and what you are doing in Brooklyn!
    More later

    1. Hi Barbara, I am away on vacarion with limited email. I am sorry you re having problems. I need to work on the blog some as it takes you to the most recent post first and it is hard to back to find the main page. In the meantime there are two ways. This is the link and hopefully it will come through and will link or you can copy and paste Http://wv sprouts.blogspot.com/2014/03/welcome-to-sprouts-this-is-blog-about.html The other way is to go to blog archive on the right, hit 2014 and then go to the bottom, hit older posts and keep hitting until it takes you back. I will be home this weekend and work on that ext week. Thanks, Sara

    2. So sorry for typos. Doing this while we are driving and roads are bouncy but wanted to get back to you asap.